I became involved with the Knights Foundation a year ago – July 2016 – as I was approached by the then new CEO, Nicky Banger, who I had known through Woking Football Club. The Foundation has got a simple message – we lift ourselves by helping others. Their aim is to help carers and families of children with disability to have a better quality of life. 
The ultimate aim is to be build eco friendly homes along the south coast so that these families can get away to a stress free holiday and respite care for themselves, often something that is overlooked, that will have all of the facilities for the disabled individual. There are a number of other bits and pieces that are going on – fundraising events for a new chair – a new power chair was bought in the middle of June – prosthetic legs for our budding athlete and a superb fundraising event on 23rd June was the Summer Ball. The Summer Ball’s special guest was Frank Bruno – what an amazing and incredible life this man has had – an inspiration to all I hope that you can achieve your goals and that when you fall down, you can just pick yourself back up and you need the help and support and honesty to say that you have fallen down and need some help. Check out the Knights Foundation website www.theknightsfoundation.org it is fascinating what they have been able to achieve in just this year alone. We shall continue to support the Knights Foundation with our donations every month – and every little helps because you never know – you might need it yourself one day. 
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