Formula 1 June 2017 has been incredible. What is it about Formula 1 that attracts people like me to watch it so much? 
Formula 1 June 2017 has been incredible. What is it about Formula 1 that attracts people like me to watch it so much? Well there are the cars! No car is the same in any two races – they have developed so quickly and they change so much that effectively every time you see a Formula 1 car, it is a prototype that has only been tested the day before. The drivers have to be super fit to be able to stand the accelerations and the G forces through the corners let alone having the skill to drive up to 220mph on a straight and sometimes at blistering speeds through the curves. There are the crashes; there are the safety aspects and seeing a spectacular crash and the driver getting out and just dusting himself and get in another car. But the best thing is the drama and the personalities. We have two races this month – we have had Azerbaijan, which was at the end of the month, and the previous one, which was in Montreal, Canada – all good fun and lots of spills and pills. There are two people in the race this year, which makes life a bit more interesting, with the Ferrari and the Mercedes cars being on equal pegging so at last we can actually see drivers pitting their wits against each other’s skill rather than the best man in the best car – and this weekend just gone was a doosey!!. The race on the 25th saw lots of crashes, lots of safety cars and someone having a bit of a childish tantrum, which will not win that particular person any favours – Sebastian Vettel decided to ram his car into the side of Lewis Hamilton after he allegedly did a brake test on him – now that is when they are behind a safety car and Hamilton allegedly put his brakes on to force Vettel into the back of him – haha – funny. The telemetry showed he did not do it but Vettel reacted the way he did – that is why we love Formula 1 – because it is real people with real emotions and the passion of wanting to win. So far the season has been very, very exciting – probably the best in a long time – let’s hope it continues and the next race is going to be in Austria on 7-9 July. I shall keep you up to date. 
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