Communication is the response you get. 

Building is a mixture of science and creativity. No project will ever be exactly the same as another. Issues and problems can and will happen, it is the very nature of what we choose to do.  
HSL Building Services (Southern) Ltd are problem solvers, so that you will never be faced with having to deal with anything, we will present the solution(s) not just the problem. 
So open and frank communication is vital.  
Knowing how and where your investment is being used is key to a stress free project, you will know, via our mobile app, what is happening at your home in real time. As these updates are loaded as each stage is occurring. 
HSL Building Services (Southern) Ltd uses a variety of ways to communicate and educate our clients, to keep you fully informed during our stay at you home: 
Mobile App Updates – real time photos and descriptions to your mobile phone anywhere in the world that you have access to Wi-Fi. 
Weekly breakdown of costs against budgets so that you can monitor the financial progress of your project. 
Regular face to face meetings to discuss anything at all that are set at regular intervals that you are comfortable with. 
Phone on and ready 24/7 (within reason of course) should any emergency or niggle that creeps up that you want to discuss. 
All Buildings are living, breathing entities. They need constant love and attention, just like our children do. All major works require a “settlement period”. Small and very normal movements can look dramatic, cracks appear and doors suddenly don’t seem to fit. 
At HSL Building Services (Southern) Ltd we fully understand and recognise this and offer to return to your home. We will check and survey our project so that you have the best looking home possible. 
Contact HSL Building Services (Southern) Ltd today and find out how we can help you turn your dreams into reality 
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