On my first blog, the question is "Why are we doing it?" 

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On my first blog, the question is “Why are we doing it?” Why do people spend their time trying to provide fresh content on various subjects to blog about their business, their life, their thoughts and opinions? Well here are a few ideas! 
The first practical idea is if you add content to your website in a blog, google sees that the website is active and it should get you higher up in the searches so when you are looking for a builder in Woking, in Surrey, in Guildford, the active blog should allow my website to be seen by you before anybody else’s. That’s the theory! 
The reason blogs came about is a little bit more technical. Back when the worldwide web didn’t exist and then was in its infancy, there were only a few people that knew how to build and design websites that would work, I remember buying a book of html code and looking at it and thinking “Oh, this looks a bit too hard!” and then a friend of mine deciding that he was going to build a website of his own from scratch and actually managing to do so! But not many people were as clever as my friend John, who built this website – and it was a good website by the way – people used to use word press. Word press was an editable tool that most people who could use a computer and had got used to Microsoft Word and other word processing packages of the day were able to add content to their website fairly cleanly and quickly and started writing a diary, or technical things, or general musings on what the world wanted to hear about. This allowed them to edit their website on a regular basis and put them up the search engines. Then we had the fashion of professional bloggers, bloggers on particular subjects, bloggers on political subjects, bloggers on Facebook and the whole idea of a blog was turned into a mission and a quest all of its own. 
So, you may be asking, if you are indeed even reading this, why we have decided to blog on our website. There are lots of reasons: 
1. It will increase the traffic just because we are adding content on a regular basis 
2. We shall be able to put some technical information that perhaps does not need a whole page as things in our industry change - regulations change, technology changes (and technology changes in building just as quickly as anywhere else) 
3. We shall be able to put opinion on there – keeping it separate from our business. We shall be able to get other people’s opinions and put them up there and keep it separate from our business. 
4. And ultimately for a little bit of fun – because life can sometimes be too busy and too hectic to remember that we actually want to have fun. 
So this first blog has given you a description of why we are going to blog, why blogging happens, what blogging has become and in the next few weeks we are going to be adding all sorts of different areas on our website, specifically for this. 
What we do not want to do is to add a blog for the sake of adding a blog so what we have done is come up with a plan of various areas that we would like to talk about and we would like some feedback from anybody who is reading the blog. And this is the big question that nobody really knows the answer to – the question is “Do blogs get read by our clients and our customers and our fans?” We hope so. We are going to keep blogging and we shall keep asking you for feedback on what you hear and what you read and what you see. 
Getting a blog read is the ultimate aim of everybody – how much time do you have to read all of the junk emails that come in, to read all the literature that comes in, to read all the technical information that you need to keep up to date with, to read the personal development books that you are trying to digest and become that super rich, super keen, super fit, super lean business machine, or fighting machine, or fitness machine, or whatever area you are interested in, there are plenty of books out there to read. 
So, how can I produce content that is going to be interesting enough for you to want to read. Well, we are going to do our best – we are going to try and entertain you a bit with this, we are going to try and have some fun, like I said just now, and ultimately we want to interact on a regular basis with all of our fans, all of our clients and customers. 
The digital world can be very cold and very blasé and everybody seems to have an opinion on this, that and the other. Our ultimate aim using this tool within the website, and the website itself, is to be able to keep in touch with as many people as we possibly can on a personal level. 
Many people we have worked with have become friends and we have stayed in touch. Many people we have met at various business meetings here, there and everywhere, we have bumped into years later and realised what a nice person we had lost touch with and there is another way we would like to keep in touch with you all. Then of course, there is the old telephone – so watch out, you might be getting a call soon to say hi, what have you been doing, how have you been, can we hook up and have a cup of coffee and a chat? 
We are trying to be a little bit different – we want people to stay in touch with us and us stay in touch with them and we are going to try and use this as a way of doing that. If you don’t like it, please let us know. If you do like it, please let us know. If you have got some ideas you think we can use, we are not proud and we shall steal them from you and even credit you with the idea and say that we are going to talk about it today. 
Thank you for reading this – if you have got this far and I haven’t bored you to tears – we shall be doing another one soon and one of the subjects will be picked at random and we shall be off talking about the next phase of what we are planning. 
Stay in touch! Have fun! Live life! Speak to you soon! 
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